Children at the nursery have fun! They have constant access to creative,
stimulating and exciting play environments, both indoors and out.
By exploring, experimenting and questioning they build their knowledge of the world around them, in a safe and caring setting. Children feel happy and valued from the start.

Dinosaur eggs

The opportunity to socialise with their peers and develop personal and social skills is an essential part of building a child’s confidence ahead of starting school. We aim to nurture this social experience with a mixture of structured routine and free play. Small class sizes and consistent staffing mean the
children are able to get to know the staff and other children easily and settle in comfortably.


We operate from a purpose built class room, completed in 2011. The building is within the grounds of Fellview Primary School. Whilst we run as a separate setting, we enjoy strong links with the school.

Inside at Chinese new year

The classroom is well equipped with a varied selection of activities available at all times; these are changed continually, to keep the children interested and inspired.

Dinosaur Zoo Duplo

Outside, we have a large soft surfaced play area with a climbing frame, fort, mud kitchen, slide and grassed areas with flower beds. There are regular
opportunities for children to plant, care for and harvest vegetables, flowers and herbs.

Climbing and sliding

The outside area is in constant use throughout the nursery sessions and all year round. We can even provide all weather clothing for wet days.

Frosty ground

Children are given excellent support to make an easy transition onto any
primary school. The nursery children eat their lunch in the adjacent school building together with the infants class and can even have a school meal if they choose.

Mud Kitchen

Fellview School

If you would like to know more about the school we share our location with, click on the link below to be redirected to their website.

Small nursery in Caldbeck near Wigton, for preschool children from two years old